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Heroin Skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green 'Animal' deck

Heroin skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green 'Animal' deck released. Despite his relocation to the USA, Mark 'Fos' Foster has always retained strong links to the skate scene he grew up in. With the release of this Heroin skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green 'Animal' deck, Fos sends transatlantic props to an underground Mancunian legend from the olden days. Heroin skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green ‘Animal’ deck As you'll see on the graphics - Jay Green AKA 'Animal' was one of Fos' inspirations as a young skater along with being a pioneer of street skating during the dark days of the 1980s. I guess you could say he was Manchester's and The North West's version of Mark 'Snoz' Snowball or Jimmy Boyes - somebody who weathered the dead era after the 70s boom and came out swinging in the early days of street skating. I've tried in vain to find any photos or videos of Animal in action but as far as Google is concerned, there are none. We'd be extremely happy to be proved wrong on that though. Submit answers on a Split Skates sticker. Anyway, if you're a skate history buff, don't wait around. These Heroin Skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green 'Animal' decks are limited and there probably won't be a reup from Heroin skateboards. As we're on the subject - we figured this was a good excuse to remind you all of some of the video gems from Heroin's back catalogue. The more recent stuff - Earth Goblin etc - you'll all be aware of because of Instagram etc but there's a wealth of OG Heroin skateboards content awaiting your eyes. Peep up the top for 1999's inaugural video statement 'Good Shit' edited by one time adult entertainment maestro Alan Glass and Fos. Heroin skateboards Manchester legend Jay Green ‘Animal’ deck Once you've watched Good Shit, treat yourself to a viewing of the second Heroin video 'Everything's going to be alright' (2002). This one adds a pre Landscape Joey Pressey, Athur Tubb, Osaka's own Chopper and currently in-vogue skating elder Chris Pulman into the syringe. Again, EGTBA is filmed by Fos and Glass and edited by Alan Glass. The final memory bump for today comes in the form of my personal favourite OG Heroin skateboards video and GWAR reference - 2005's Live from Antartica. This was the first Heroin video to have a Howard Cooke section - do I need to say anything else?

Live From Antarctica (2005) from Heroin Skateboards on Vimeo.

So there you go. Welcome to 2022. It's got to be better than last year, right? Right?
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