Collection: Skateboard Griptape

Griptape allows you to keep better grip on your board when riding.

It usually comes on a sheet aprox 9 inch wide and 32 inch long basically enough for one skateboard deck, here at The Black Sheep Store Manchester we know your skateboard wouldn't be entirely complete without it.

We pride ourselves in selling only the highest quality grip tape on the market today including top brands such as Jessup, Mob, Mini Logo,  and many more. If you have an questions do not hesitate to ask by email

Whilst many different skaters prefer different brands of grip tape it is all up to your individual preference. Jessup griptape Is one of the industry leaders and we are proud to stock it. They have over 32 years of experience in the industry and was the first griptape brand to bring sillicon carbide to their tape. Mob Griptape is also very popular and has a slightly more coarse finish and is perforated throughout to avoid bubbles. All tapes are perfect for riders of all abilty and we're sure that youll love them.