Collection: Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks are the metal components that connect your wheels to your deck, though they serve several different purposes.

Trucks are responsible for how your board turns. Trucks are also the surface which you grind on. We stock one of the largest ranges of skateboard trucks in the country, we stock almost all sizes, heights and brands.

To learn more about skate trucks, visit our truck buyers guide. Independent trucks are the originators of the modern skate truck, and have been manufacturing trucks since 1978. Independent are the most popular truck brand, and offer a wide range of sizes to suit everyone from street to pool and transition skaters. 

Black Sheep stock loads more truck brands, such as Royal, Thunder and Theeve, each with their own different characteristics and specialities. There really is no way of knowing which truck is right for you without riding them, If you are looking to skate certain terrain, such as transition, make sure you know that you have the most appropriate trucks for the task.

Skate trucks are one of the most important parts of your skate setup, If your trucks are not set up to best suit your skating, it can throw off your balance and make it difficult to skate and perform tricks. It is also important that you have the right trucks for your board size. If you would like any assistance with this your can contact us either through the site, by phone or on any of our social media pages, we are always happy to help.