Collection: DC Skate Shoes

DC shoes are one of the most iconic skateboard shoe brands.

Originally part of the Droors Clothing brand, DC decided to fully focus on making technical skate footwear, using new technologies and materials. DC have one of the best pro rosters of any skate shoe company, including Steve Berra, Colin Mckay, Josh Kalis, Nyjah Huston, Mikey Taylor and Danny Way.

Over the years DC have produced numerous pro model shoes designed in collaboration with their pro skaters. These pro models often integrate advanced technologies to help with common problems associated with skating and the effect upon your feet and shoes. DC pro tech models like the Nyjah Huston N2, Featured a narrower lace eye row to stop your shoelaces from snapping through rubbing on your griptape.

There is also an impact g “heel cookie” which absorbs impact preventing heel bruises. Features like this make DC a great shoes for skating big drops and stairs

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