Collection: Skate Clothing

Shop here and fill your wardrobe with all manner of clothing from a range of skateboarding and streetwear brands. We stock a variety of gear including t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, jeans, work pants and hats in most sizes and all of what you see below is available to try on in-store.

Skateboarding and the wider world of fashion continue to feed into each other which has resulted in the more attention to production and skateboarding clothing becoming much more distinguished. Far from the days of slapping a brand logo on a t-shirt - many modern skateboard companies are meticulous in their clothing production whether sourcing the perfect hat manufacture, custom fitting t-shirt or even crafting bespoke cut and sew pieces.

Long gone are the days of baggy pants and tiny wheels or skinny jeans and handrails – we believe that in skateboarding fashion anything goes and this is only for the better. We carry a variety of styles of skateboarding apparel catering to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

 We carefully select the clothing products we stock and all our brands have a connection with skateboarding or the wider culture. Some of our favourite footwear brands are always producing quality clothing and Vans consistently delivery garments which live up to their heritage whereas Nike SB and adidas Skateboarding utilize their expansive sports backgrounds to produce lightweight options allowing the body to breath. Released from streetwear legends such as Stussy and HUF are quickly swooped up by diehard fans and Dickies work pants remain the trouser of choice at Black Sheep due their robust nature and reasonable price. There’s also plenty of simple clothing from your favourite hardware companies like Independent Trucks and Spitfitre Wheels, to be found on our clothing rails while Polar Skate Co.’s soft goods bare just as much consideration and quality as their outstanding board graphics and videos.

Skateboarding brands have a strong visual identities which often incorporates original designs and nods to popular culture. Conversely, skateboarding clothing has become so popular it’s rare a day goes by without seeing imitations from the usual high street fashion suspects – Thrasher Magazine imitators we’re looking at you!

 Finally, we’re proud to carry a selection of our own Black Sheep clothing which often pays homage to our native Manchester and personal influences. Browse our own brand clothing by clicking here or keep scrolling to view our entire clothing selection.