Collection: New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes

New Balance Numeric is fairly recent addition to the skateboarding footwear world stemming from New Balance running shoes in 2013.

Arto Saari and Tom Karangelov joined Levi Brown and PJ Ladd as New Balance Numeric’s first riders. NB had no trouble quickly establishing a solid image due their outstanding web edits directed by Russell Houghten with each offering to date exploring a specific concept. This combination of skateboarding and expert cinematography always results in a production far more memorable than daily web fodder.

The partnership between PJ and New Balance makes perfect sense due their shared Boston roots. Arto and Tom K previously rode for Gravis Footwear who also employed filmmaker Houghten alongside footwear designer Kelly Kikuta who is now providing his area of expertise for New Balance Numeric. These close ties from the very beginning of of the brand show the connection between people and careful consideration of the team since which enforcing that NB is bringing something new to the table and not just another sportswear brand entering skateboarding. Over the last three years New Balance has welcomed Jamie Foy,Jordan Trahan, Jordan Taylor, Tom Knox, Tyler Surrey, Marquise Henry amongst others. For anyone wanting to get better accustomed with the company and what they are about, the videos A Place In The Sun, Pinnytown and Quids In are essential viewing! All around top bloke Dave Mackey recently took charge of the British side of New Balance Numeric appointing Mark Baines, Vaughan Jones, Andrew ‘Evz’ Evans, Jed Codwell, Cam Barr as UK representatives of the brand.

After years of vulcanised models dominating the skate shoe market, New Balance Numeric’s entry was something of a breath of fresh air. While still producing simpler silhouettes, like models such as the Quincy 254 and Brigton 344, the focuses on being ‘unapologetically technical’. The 868 and 598 being perfect examples of a modern yet technical skateboard shoes, meanwhile the signature Arto 358 serves as a reinforced vulcanised model and the PJ Ladd Stratford 533 is great example of a stripped back cupsole. Despite their technical appearance, we are there’s a New Balance shoe on our shelves for you. All of the above models and more are available in store at our Dale Street and on this very website. HOWEVER we would definitely recommend trying a pair on in store before purchasing as New Balance Numeric sizing tends to come up a size small.