Collection: Skateboard Books and Magazines

Skateboard magazines & books have existed since the first copy of Skateboarder mag in 1964.

There have been many skateboard mags over the years with the most popular being Thrasher, Transworld & The Skateboard Mag which are all released monthly.

Since the advent of the internet some magazines like Slap have become online only and it has become an interesting time for printed press with exclusive mags like Sneaker freak being published. That said there has been an emergance of Free UK skateboard magazines such as Grey, Vaugue, North and the adeptly name Free Skate Mag.

Last year saw the reimergence of the printed skate magazine in WH Smiths with the arrival of the Skateboarders Companion so it looks like Skateboarding and printed media is actually finding a new life again.

Whether your looking  for inspiration on new tricks/ skate locations or simply want to see skate legends in action, the black sheep stores wide range of skate mags is for you.