Collection: Skateboard Bolts

Skateboard Bolts range from 7/8ths of an inch to 1,1/2 inch long, since the mid to late nineties most street skaters threw away there riser pads & the 1 inch bolt became standard.

In recent times most skateboard bolts, also referred to as skate hardware, have adopted a splash of colour. A coloured bolt is a good way of indicating which way around your skateboard is. We stock a great range of bolts and skate hardware online and in store at Black Sheep.

Here at the Black Sheep we only stock the highest quality hardware to ensure that you build will have premium durable skateboard parts that will last as long as you need. We stock hardwear from many tried and tested suppliers such as: Sushi Hardware, Thunder Trucks And Independent trucks. If you have any questions about finding the right hardware for you feel free to email our customer service team.