Collection: Skateboard Decks

Choosing your deck depends largely on your style of skating, and what kind of terrain you are going to be skating.

Wider boards offer more stability, and are better for “catching” the board mid air whilst performing tricks. Thinner decks are lighter and a lot more manoeuvrable and flip more easily. However they are weaker than larger boards and will not take as much impact.

They can also be difficult to control if you have large feet. If you are unsure what deck is right for you, or you would like some more information, check out our buyers guide or contact us direct and we shall be happy to help. We only supply decks from tried and tested skate brands. At Black Sheep we are 100% skater owned and run, and have been selling boards for two decades.

So you can be assured that when buying from us your deck and any other skateboard hardware will step up to the mark. As well as the traditional 7 ply construction decks, we also stock some speciality boards which employ advanced technologies to improve your board. Such as the “impact series”, found on some of dwindles decks like Almost, Enjoi and Cliche.

The impact series of decks include carbon fibre discs inserted around the bolt areas of the deck, where a large amount of pressure is often forced on to. This strengthens the deck and makes it more resistant to cracking around the bolts, making it a lot more durable. Almost also provide an Uber Gold Rodney Mullen pro model deck, which features a carbon foam core for longer lasting pop.

As well as the dwindle boards, we also stock all of the Baker boys distribution boards like Baker, Deathwish, Heroin Skateboards and Palace, along with other legendary US brands such as Element, Plan B, Girl and Toy Machine. We also stock the best UK and European boards, including Death and Polar. You can choose to purchase a skateboard deck individually or alternatively as part of a complete set up. All of our decks come with griptape applied, though if you would like it without please let us know.