Collection: Skateboard Helmets

Skateboard Helmets are usually used in skateparks & it can sometimes be a condition of use that is enforced by a skatepark.

Most skateboard helmets and pads today are used also by BMX or Mountain Bikes & many other extreme sports. Pro-tec is one the best names in helmets and we stock a wide range of all the Pro-tec classic helmets for skateboards or BMX. Both 187 Killer Pads and Triple 8 protection have also become very popular in recent years. Each page on the website should have sizing information which is very important when choosing a skateboard helmet and the same applies to all pads too.

Safety is paramount and as a result of this all the helmets that we stock come from trusted brands and are durable and made of premium materials ensured to keep you safe whilst skating. Additionally, all of our skateboarding helmets are adjustable to make sure they fit well on your head. If you would like to try on any of these helemets/ protective gear feel free to come into our retail shop in Manchester. Additionally, if you have any queries please feel free to email our customer support for our expertise.