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Jiri Bulin's 'Lost Part' Courtesy of Isaac Wilkinson

jiri bullin lost part isaac wilkinson
jiri bulin

Jiri Bulin's 'Lost Part'

    We are very please to share this special edit of Jiri (George) Bulin. What makes it special? Firstly, it is brought to you by two of our own Black Sheep family members Jiri and Isaac. This pair have a pretty cute history in skateboarding, this unlikely duo were more like brothers than skate companions. Before Isaac moved to London to peruse his filming these two spent so much time out skating and filming on the streets of Manchester you'd be surprised if you caught one of them without the other.   Secondly, this footage was collected over two years, from 2014-2016 to be precise. Not only that but the footage is from a bunch of different counties and cities. Hong Kong, Prague, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and London to name a few. Isaac had realized early on that much of Jiri's footage was still yet to be used so he put them all in a this edit. However, he managed to totally forget about it... until now. Better late than never anyway.   I strongly recommend you watch this edit, not just to see the power house that is Jiri Bullin on a skateboard but Issac's filming and editing talents that made him such an asset to the Black Sheep family.   Watch the edit here:     See more from Isaac via his blog: http://blogsandbiscuits.blogspot.com/2015/04/hong-kong.html And keep up to date by following both Jiri Bulin's Instagram and Isaac Wilkinson's Instagram        
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