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Russell Houghten : Retrospective

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    russell-houghten-main-image   Russell Houghten is a skateboard filmer and has been bringing amazing edits to your screens for some time now. When watching an edit we always relate the video to the brand and sometimes I feel like the person behind the lens doesn't receive the recognition they deserve. Russell is definitely one of those dudes. To celebrate his career in the film industry I thought it was necessary to show you guys some of the edits he has produced. They're are many edits to choose from although I thought I would focus on some of the New Balance videos that he has produced as he's been working alongside them since the birth of the skate side of the brand in 2013. To start of with we have the 'A Place In The Sun' edit that was released a couple of years back now. It's probably a good place to start as this cold UK winter is leaving us in some desperate need of some sunshine. Lets try and get excited for the summer. Starring: PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor and Tyler Surrey.        

Just before the winter took hold of the East Coast the New Balance Numeric team took a short trip to Boston and New York, in search of the place they call Pinnytown. This edit was shot entirely on Red Digital Cinema. Frames were pulled from the video to accompany a print article in Transworld Skateboarding's April 2014 issue. Unlike the previous edit this one features a rider from the UK who has now made it onto the New Balance International team, Tom Knox. Putting our quirky, British style of skating on the map. Style is most definitely what Knox has, recently winning 'European Best Video Part' for his section in the new 'Vase' video by Isle skateboards. He is killing it right now so a huge congratulations to this young chap.

      Next we have the 'Data Roaming' edit and believe it or not it was all filmed on an iPhone 6 by Russell Houghten with the help of James Messina. Possibly the best phone edit I've seen so far. After seeing this I'm sure there'll be plenty more phone edits to watch in the near future.         Finally to finish things off I thought I show you guys the recent 'Quids In' edit that was released last year. Having a top film maker such as Russell visit our gritty streets is an honor. I'm guessing people who visit the UK will understand the situation with the spots we have on offer. It may not be all perfect marble, but we do make the most of what is available. Seeing such skaters from across the seas like Arto Saari, Tom Knox, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Jordan Trahan, Levi Brown, Marquise Henry, Tyler Surrey & Jack Curtin skate some familiar obstacles that we visit everyday is great. This edit shows the spots/cities really well using different filming methods. There's even use of a drone being used, capturing the streets from above. A must see..         On a whole it is great that we have people such as Russell Houghten that capture skateboarding and do it well. He is a guy that deserves a huge amount of respect, each edit he has produced has been nothing but special and I would like to thank him for that. Having incredible edits to watch is vital as a skateboarder because without them it wouldn't be as easy to get hyped to go shred. If you'd like to view more edits from Russell then head over to his Vimeo page as there's plenty more that are worth viewing.   Some of you may also be interested in grabbing yourself a brand new pair of New Balance shoes after watching the edits above. Well timing couldn't be better as we've just had a load of new New Balance shoes arrive. Already online simply hit the link below to be directed over to our website to have a gander...   http://www.blacksheepstore.co.uk/new-balance-skate-shoes.html      
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