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Thrasher Magazine Atlantic Drift capsule available 9/1/2018


There's a Thrasher Magazine Atlantic Drift capsule floating this way...



  We've been hooked, hypnotized and highly anticipating each installment of Jacob Harris' video series since the first episode of 'Atlantic Drift' debuted just over a year ago. Now you can show your support towards a genuine contender for the UK's most interesting crew with a selection of Thrasher Magazine Atlantic Drift apparel.   The capsule consists of t-shirts, longsleeves, crewnecks and hoodies featuring the ethereal jellyfish motif from the series opening titles. We also highly recommend grabbing a copy of the latest issue of Thrasher which features a fantastic article on the Atlantic Drift crew on their journey to San Francisco last year - the video documentation of which should be making its way to the internet around the time you're reading this...   Jake's presentation of skateboarding in Atlantic Drift is more akin to a short film and certainly surpasses the aesthetics (and online shelf-life) of whatever else is announced via the mindless scroll through an Instagram news feed we're sure you're familiar with. Take quality filming, enthralling visuals, enchanting music then combine those aspects with the talents of Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Casper Brooker, Mike Arnold, Silvain Tognelli, Nick Jensen and Remy Taviera and you're onto a winner.   The series is further evidence (like you needed it...) of Harris' camera wielding and creative abilities and if you're unfamiliar with his visual back catalog then you should imminently redirect your attention the videos 'Square One', 'Eleventh Hour' and 'Vase'.   While we're on the subject, we highlight recommend revisiting previous installments of the series, which we've made easy for you with the following links...  

Episode 1: London / Episode 2: St Pauls / Episode 3: Paris / Episode 4: New York / Episode 5: Hippy Jumps

  Have a browse of the Thrasher Magazine Atlantic Drift collection below. The capsule is available tomorrow (9/1/2018) in-store and online at: https://www.blacksheepstore.co.uk/thrasher.html   thrasher_magazine_atlantic_drift_prebook_tees thrasher_mag_atlantic_drift_clothing thrasher_mag_atlantic_drift_prebook_hoodies   *Updated with latest Atlantic Drift edit below- GO WATCH IT!  

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