Collection: 187 Killer Pads

187 killer pads produce high quality protective pads  for a range of sports such as skating, scooters and other extreme sports.

They have pads for all demographics in a range of sizes includings ones for children and girls. The brand is also worn by many professional skaters such as Lizzie Armanto and Tony Hawk choosing 187 pads further cementing their quality and reliability.

The brand started from small begginings in an upholstery shop that was ran by a single family, their emphasis was on making high quality protective pads to make sure that you - the consumer- is protected. Since then, the brand has grown and now focus' on there one of a kind designs allowing maximum comfort and safety. Here at the Black Sheep we not only pads from 187 but also a wide range of helmets and other protective gear in a multitude of different sizes.