A Guide to Buying Skateboard Bolts and Bushings and Riser Pads

Skateboard Bolts Buying Guide

Skateboard Bolts guide

Skateboard bolts are also known as ‘hardware’. They come in packs of eight (occasionally with a spare one thrown in) with either an Allen key or Phillips screwdriver head and are used to attach the trucks of a skateboard to the deck.

The most common skateboard bolts measure at 7/8th of an inch and 1" however some go up to 1 ½ inches. If you choose to use riser pads on a skateboard then larger bolts are usually needed due to the greater distance from the point where a bolt enters a board and exits a truck. ie if you use 1/8th riser pads then use 1 1/8th bolts.

Diamond Supply Co., Independent Genuine Parts and Shake Junt are some of our most popular hardware brands which offer a variety of standard, Allen-key, Phillips-head and different coloured bolts to add a bit of subtle brightness to your skateboard.

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Skateboard Risers Buying Guide

Skateboard riser pads guide

What are skateboarding risers?

Risers are small plastic pads which sit between your truck and board. Sizes generally range in from 1/8th of an inch to ½ and inch and often require larger hardware (bolts). Risers are an optional part of a skateboard set-up and not necessary when building a standard complete Skateboard. If you prefer larger wheels above 56mm then you may look to use riser pads to increase the gap from the wheel to board to avoid wheel bite.

What are risers for?

Risers extend the distance between the board and wheel which can be necessary for people who skate with loose trucks or big wheels ie above 56mm. The larger distance created prevents the wheels coming in contact with the board when riding which causes ‘wheelbite’ and can stop a skateboarder in his tracks. Rubber Risers A.K.A Shock pads are used also absorb a small amount impact which can help prevent pressure cracks around the bolt holes of a skateboard and give a small amount of cushion to the ride of your skateboard.

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An introduction and guide to skateboard bushings.

Skateboard bushings guide

What are skateboard bushings?

Skateboard bushings are made of urethane and part of a truck’s turning mechanism. They are cylindrical and conical shaped - sitting between the baseplate and hanger with a kingpin running through their centre.

Bushings help distribute weight, which shifts while riding a skateboard, enabling the rider to turn left or right. The tightness of a kingpin bolt will directly affect how a truck turns as the bushings are given more or less freedom to respond to movement.

The density of bushings also affect how responsive a truck performs. Soft bushings make turning easier, harder bushings require more weight and effort while medium bushings are a good balance.

The bushings found in a pair of trucks are usually of a medium density and are perfect for beginners. Over time you will develop a preference for loose or tight trucks and we stock a variety of bushings which may be more suited to help your trucks to perform in a manner you prefer.

Do skateboard bushings break?

Skateboard bushings almost act as a suspension system to a skateboard and constantly absorb large amounts of pressure and impact. Through general riding and tricks, bushings are constantly compressed and squeezed as turns and tricks are performed. A very tight kingpin nut can be responsible for speeding up the speed at which bushings wear out.

Over long periods of time, bushings may become cracked or squashed affecting a truck’s ability to properly turn. However, if this happens it doesn’t necessarily mean that your trucks are broken; by taking your trucks apart and replacing the bushings with a fresh set your trucks can be put back into working order

We carry a range of quality skateboarding bushings including Bones Hardcore Bushings, Independent Genuine Parts and Deluxe Tack & Supply that are brilliant replacements. Some skateboarders even choose to swap their bushings out for these brands before setting up a new pair of trucks!

However, it is worth considering that if you have been riding a set of trucks for a long time then broken bushings may indicate you need a completely new set of trucks. If you are unfortunate enough to have your bushings break we are happy to help you in-store and offer our best advice to prevent it happening in the future.

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