Andy Scott, possibly the most respected transition skaters the UK has ever seen and he was one of a handful that definitely put Manchester skateboarding on the map. Andy Scott grew up in a place called Bolton that is roughly 10 minutes away by train from Manchester. Proper northern fella right here. 

Andy Scott Black Sheep Team Page

If you remember the legendary Bolton Bones then you would have probably witnessed Andy tearing the place apart. It was pretty much his back garden for years and years, that was also obvious as no one knew the place better than him.

From skating around Bolton and attending various competitions Andy's skateboarding was well recognised from an early age and he made it onto the Flip Skateboards team around 24 years ago. Now that is something to be proud of. There's not many dudes that manage to make it onto one of skate-boarding's greatest team.

Andy Scot floats somewhere in Scotland

Andy Scott can only be dealt with in small doses. FACT! 

If you have ever had the chance to meet him personally then you'll agree that he is quite the character. An amazing character in fact, although that doesn't stop the love that each and all of the Black Sheep Family have for this legend. Get to know his skating a little more by watching the edits below.