Chris Barrett


Sadly Chris passed away in 2018 and our hearts were broken but the love for Chris lives on and this page is a mark of respect that we will never forget our friend Chris xxx

Underground/underrated are the first words that come to mind when I think about Chris Barrett. My reasons for this is simple, he is one of skateboarding's secret weapons and Chris can unleash unlimted amounts of skateboard power whenever possible.

Chris Barrett Black Sheep team page

He's almost like ODB from the legendary Wu-Tang if we were to relate him to hip hop so you get a better understanding. He has shocked and still will shock the minds of many from the Manchester area, especially in his hometown Stockport and Stockport is where all the magic happens.

Chris is almost like a genie in a polish lager can who will pop up at the spot and at any unknown time to then shut down the spot. That is because when he is on his board he is unstoppable. He can skate any set up available, whether it be a 9" fish tail wide guy to a 7" tech peice. This builder definitely doesn't blame his tools.

Wallie Stalefish Chris Barrett

Unless you pay a visit to Stockport you probably won't witness the power I'm talking about. So to get an understanding watch a couple of parts below that he has released over the years, enjoy!