Harry Lintell


Name? Harry Lintell

Age? 24

Sponsors? Converse Cons Shoes, Real skateboards, Volcom, Spitfire, Ace Trucks, Usain bolts, Black Sheep Skate Store

Currently residing? Manchester crossed with hotel rooms.... haha

Current set up? Mellow concave 8.28" Real board, 44" Ace trucks, Formula 4 Spitfire wheels, Bones Reds bearings.

Go to skate shoes? The new Cons Black leather Kenny Anderson's.

Harry Lintell Black Sheep Team Page

How long have you been skating in Manchester and what’s your favourite spots? Been skating on and off for 6/7 years now!.... Like my  favourite spot in manc is town hall. For the smooth ground and too dopa benches!

Who’s your favourite Black Sheep Family member and who’s the worst?  Lol...... favourite rider...?! Eddie Belvedere. Boom! And worst ....  Lol can't say there is one... no wait Riess Johnson lol lol

Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Family? I know the one of the Black Sheep fam went on there first tinder date ever and ended up a 12hr mission with a girl wearing a butt plug lol I don't think I need to say more lol ....

Harry Lintell Sidewalk Mag Cover Southbank

Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester? I went to Manc once to meet the Black Sheep fam for the first  though a off chance from them seeing a online video of me skate that my friend Adam Pau up loaded and kept coming back on and off. Now I am living here in Manchester for a little while.

Why is Black Sheep the best shop and team? The vibes and the fam feeling that the team has together! If you have met some other the team for sure you know the vibes haha. It's like this for me always with the Black Sheep guys

Childhood heroes in skating? Oh man!..... Uh .... Koston, Brain Anderson, Kenny Anderson, Neil Smith, Nick Jensen