Jiri Bulin


Where are you from Jiri?

I'm originally from a small city in Czech Republic but I've been in Manchester for 10 years !

Jiri Bulin Black Sheep Team Page

Tell me about your skate crew?

The PUMF cage skatepark crew !Isaac Wilkinson at  filming! Seb Batty, Zach Riley, Lewis, The Blacksheep Crew. 

Transistion or street?

Street ! I'd like to to cruise tranny better ahah

Jiri Bulin Nollie Heeelflip Cornwall

Tell me what motivates you before going to skate?

Having a lil' meal, a Brew and a joint !

Shout outs?

The Blacksheep crew  and my sponsors : Toy Machine, Pilgrim,Etnies, Pig wheels, Theeve Trucks, Blacksheep Store

Pump Cage switch back tailslide