Reiss Johnson


Reiss Johnson, otherwise known as 'brew boy' is our vert dude. He grew up in Stockport and spent most of his youth training it up at Stockport Bones. Stockport bones influenced his skating massively as they had a perfect vert/bowl that grabbed Reiss's attention from the get go.

Reiss Johnson Frontside invert over channel

He has probably been skating for more years than any other team member even though he is still only in his early 20s. Reiss has recently been seen skating at various vert competitions and even placing in the top ten, placing that high is pretty well done considering you've got the likes of Rune Gllifberg competing against you.

Reiss Johnson Frontside Crossbone air.

If you ever get to see him skate you'll understand he isn't a kid any more and his style has progressed hugely in the past couple of years