Rikk Fields


Name? Rikk Sinbad Fields

Age? 25

Sponsors? Black Sheep Store, Witchcraft Hardware, Car 13 wheels, Etnies Footwear, Wigan kebabs, Eddie Belvedere bolts.

Currently residing? Wigan or wherever the wind blows me

Current set up? Witchcraft 8.5 axeman deck, Theeve trucks, fast bearings, Car 13 Wheels.

Go to skate shoes? Etnies lo-cut

Rikk Fields in Cornwall Shot by Leo Sharp

How long have you been Skating in Manchester and what’s your favorite spots? About 10 year on and off. Favorite spot is probably hubba on the car park when my body is keen

Who’s your favourite Black Sheep Family member and who’s the worst? I don’t like any of them I just like free product and the name, Harry and Tez are sound, Eddie is o'rite as well.

Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Family? Leave Manchester and come skate wigan or different spots you bunch of chicken shits

Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester? I started skating in Wigan when I was about 12 then became a heavy weekend lurker at bones Bolton with rob smith and looked up to people like Tez, Andy and Eddie (don’t know why), then once that was gone I moved onto skating in Manchester street skating and then onto the now gone central skatepark, now I usually skate Manchester streets or the Pumpcage when the weather isn’t so nice.

Rikk Fields Black Sheep interview

Why is Black Sheep the best shop and team? Because I'm on it obviously… ha ha joking. Just the best bunch of dudes purely in it for the love of skating and nothing else always always fun when everyone is together and anybody is welcome out on missions, 100% fun.

Childhood heroes in skating? Andy Scott, Eddie Belvedere, Ben Leyden, Chet Childress and Jason Adams.

Words of wisdom? Do what you want pal!What future plans for skating and life styling? Skate fast, fun, travel at any given opportunity and don’t take life seriously you only get one.