Seb Batty

 Name: Seb Batty AKA Battybills

Age: 21

Sponsors: BS, Enjoi flow, Victoria Skate Co.

Currently residing: Wigan

Current set up: 8.25 Enjoi, 149 Indys, Skatepark Bearings

Go to skate shoes: New Balance


How long have you been Skating in Manchester and what’s your favourite spots: 2 years now, Stockky Ledges!

Who’s your favourite Black Sheep Family member and who’s the worst: Jiri AKA George AKA J.J BUBU AKA Best dude on a skateboard, worst would be he on? fuck...

Dish some dirt on your fellow Black Sheep Family: Reiss pushes mongo, he skates street ive seen it. just embarresed i guess.

Give us a little bit of your skate history from in and around Manchester: Im new here...Still

Why is Black Sheep the best shop and team: its a family, a dysfunctional one but still.


Childhood heroes in skating: Kenny Anderson, Rikk Howard-Words of wisdom: My my my my momma said, aligators are so angry because they have all dem teeth and no toothbrush.

What future plans for skating and lifestyling? No plans, just travel and have fun. I heard China Round 2 is happening next year.