Collection: Fracture Skateboards

Fracture Skateboards is a UK-based brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality skateboards, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware.

The brand was founded in 2002 by skateboard industry veteran Dave Beech and has since become a leading name in the skateboarding world.

Fracture Skateboards' mission is to provide skateboarders with the tools they need to improve their skills and enjoy the sport to the fullest. The brand is committed to quality, innovation, and creativity, and aims to design products that meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Fracture Skateboards is also dedicated to giving back to the skateboarding community. The brand sponsors events, competitions, and skate parks, and supports skaters of all levels and backgrounds.

Fracture Skateboards offers a wide range of products for skateboarders of all skill levels. Here are some of the brand's most popular products:

Skateboards: Fracture Skateboards' decks are made from high-quality Canadian maple and feature a variety of graphic designs. The brand offers different sizes and shapes to suit different skating styles.

Trucks: Fracture Skateboards' trucks are made from lightweight aluminum and feature a range of designs and colors. The brand offers both standard and inverted trucks to suit different skating preferences.

Wheels: Fracture Skateboards' wheels are designed for speed, durability, and grip. The brand offers a range of sizes and hardness levels to suit different skating surfaces and styles.

Bearings: Fracture Skateboards' bearings are made from high-quality materials and designed for speed and precision. The brand offers both standard and ceramic bearings to suit different skating preferences.

Fracture Skateboards sponsors a team of talented skateboarders who represent the brand in competitions and events around the world. The team includes both established professionals and up-and-coming skaters.

Overall, Fracture Skateboards is a brand that is dedicated to providing skateboarders with high-quality products and a supportive community. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity, Fracture Skateboards is sure to remain a leading name in the skateboarding world for years to come.


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