Collection: Independent Trucks

Independent are the king of skateboard trucks. They have been manufacturing skate trucks in America since 1979 and are the only truck company to have their own dedicated foundry. Independent were originally founded in response to the lack of good quality trucks available on the market at the time, which were not durable or responsive enough to keep up with the demands of developments in skateboarding.

As skateboarding went from simply cruising the streets to shredding pools, skaters yearned for a better turning truck that would not buckle under pressure.

Independent’s famous cross logo is one of the most famous graphics in skating, and has achieved an almost iconic status in the industry.

Most models of modern skateboard truck are based on Indy’s. They are popular among pool and vert skaters due to their excellent stability, and also street skaters for their grinding capabilities.

Independent have an impressive pro roster, made of many of the most influential skaters in the game. Independent’s team includes Eric Koston, Lizard King, Jaws, Andrew Reynolds , Chris Haslam, Ben Raybourn and even the Hawk man himself, who joined the team in 2013. The combination of Independent’s high quality trucks and sick team of pros is why skaters all around the world swear by them.

Independent also use different techniques and materials to manufacture their trucks. Some models are made with Hollow Axles which decrease the weight of the trucks significantly.

At Black Sheep we have the Stage 11 trucks (the standard model of Indys), available in loads of different sizes, so you can be sure that they will fit your board whatever you ride.


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