Collection: Rekd Protection

REKD Protection is a UK brand focused on creating top-quality protective products for extreme sports.

Their products offer the highest level of safety and performance while remaining affordable. REKD's range of skate pads and helmets have been well-developed and rigorously tested to ensure customers receive the best protection, support, and comfort.

The REKD Elite Helmet has a custom shape to maximize protection and airflow, while their triple pad sets provide all-round protection for elbows, knees, and wrists.

They also offer individual Ramp elbow, Ramp knee, Pro Ramp knee, wrist guards, and downhill slide gloves. Their products cater to all skating disciplines and age groups. REKD strives to create unique and attractive products that offer optimum protection, support, and comfort, while meeting the modern rider's demand for a premium look.

They have a long standing history and thus are a trusted supplier of protective gear making them a great choice for you.