Collection: Skateboard Tools

Skateboard tools are for assembling and maintaining your Skateboard.

The most common is the T- tool and is a simple plastic t shaped tool that has a socket for your trucks, wheel nuts and bolts, it usually comes with a small Allen key/Phillips driver also for your bolts. There are also a number of other tools that also come with a threader that can re thread your truck axles, great for when your axle nut becomes chewed up and damages your axle.

Skate tools are a must for any commited skater for the ease of use and quality of life improvements that they provide. They allow you to keep skating for longer and let you fix numerous problems with your board.

At the black sheep we stock many different types and brands of tools from big names in the industry such as: Suhi Skatboards and Pig skateboards. As always all of our products are tried and tests and are high quality constructed from premium materials and trusted manufactures